In this episode we welcome back Dr. Michael Ruscio to continue our foray into the all important topic of gut health! We discuss misdiagnosis of thyroid issues and how this seems to be happening more and more as the thyroid rises in popular consciousness. We get into how to be cautious of misdiagnosis and what happens when someone is diagnosed too hastily. Dr. Ruscio comments on the danger of high histamine foods, many of which are often considered to be very healthy and why certain people are at risk while others are not. He also chats about the range of diets out there, from FODMAP to specific carbohydrate and general paleo, offering some ideas of how they can be used effectively and safely. We discuss fasting, lifestyle, dietary obsession and taking the pressure off of yourself for your greater health. Don’t forget to check out our great new sponsor, Pique Tea and use the code PALEO at checkout for a 15% discount!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick round up of what Dr. Ruscio has been busy with lately. 
  • Misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism and thyroid conditions.  
  • Differentiating misinformation from placebo diagnoses and probable symptoms. 
  • Why to be cautious when looking for potential diagnoses in these areas. 
  • Consuming high histamine foods and the surprising danger of so-called healthy foods.
  • Using a specific carbohydrate diet in conjunction with low FODMAP. 
  • Dr. Ruscio’s thoughts on fasting and navigating what is healthy and what is not.
  • How Dr Ruscio approaches taking the pressure off of dietary plans and goals. 
  • Diet versus lifestyle; why you you do not have to obsess over what you are eating. 
  • Where to find Dr. Ruscio and a little of the inspiration behind his book. 
  • And much more!


“This is one of the main stumbling blocks that I think patients are struggling with. They’re looking for answers to their symptoms and they’ll find evidence that supports, that thyroid might be the cause.” — @DrRuscio [0:12:31.3]

“we’ve even had a case study from another doctor published in our newsletter of finding a patient in their practice who is incorrectly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had to be undiagnosed.” — @DrRuscio [0:13:52.8]

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