In this episode we welcome Doug Smith, one of the co-founders of Paleo Pro. Doug is here to share his story and tell us all about his journey in health, entrepreneurship and how an accident in Kurdistan kickstarted the founding of this company and his most recent drive for physical and dietary consciousness. We hear about his earlier company, True Nutrition, how this paved the way for the supplement-based Paleo Pro and some of the founding principles of the company. Doug gives us a great look into his philosophy on supplements, health and diet in general, preferring a good healthy diet over massive amounts of supplements and making the argument for how supplements can help immensely in certain circumstances. We also discuss the usage of the term Paleo and how certain communities and terms can alienate customers through heavy usage of technical or specific jargon. Doug believes in a personalized and conscious approach to diet, something that he thinks is overlooked all too often. We get into the nitty gritty of Paleo Pro, some of the staple and bestselling products and also some new things to get excited about.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Doug’s injury that led to reevaluating his diet and health practices.
  • The events that led to the founding of Paleo Pro. 
  • Using science to understand and obtain better health in our unnatural lives. 
  • More about Doug’s trip to Kurdistan, the car accident and the healing process.
  • The smooth path to the creation of Paleo Pro after founding True Nutrition. 
  • Why Doug is not crazy about the term ‘Paleo’. 
  • Paleo Pro’s most popular and bestselling products. 
  • What differentiates Paleo Pro’s products from the rest of the market. 
  • Some of the new products that are launching soon; coffee and bars. 
  • Protein powders and which one to choose when making your selection.
  • Using collagen for the correct thing and steering clear of using it as protein. 
  • Some things on the horizon for Doug and Paleo Pro!
  • And much more!


“We all have real lives and sometimes they’re very busy lives and what we feel is we created a product line that fits that norm.” — @Paleo_Pro [0:09:00.3]

“We always say it’s best to eat happy plants and happy animals and that’s your foundation. Everything else is kind of secondary.” — @Paleo_Pro [0:11:28.8]

“My whole take is I’d rather pay a little bit more today than to pay millions of dollars when I am sick and later in life.” — @Paleo_Pro [0:38:04.1]

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