This quick episode is focused on the Keto 101 feature we recently ran for an issue of Paleo Magazine, and it’s aimed at giving you the basic, foundational information on the ketogenic diet that you might be missing in Instagram posts and casual conversations. We break down the key concepts and the terms that you need to understand; we look at the history of the keto diet and place it in the broader discussion on fasting; we give you a brief overview of the foods that fit in with the plan and talk about what happens in the body when it enters into ketosis. The article also considers why it may be worth making the switch and when to avoid the diet altogether before giving an outline of a Paleo-friendly keto diet.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Buzzwords, fads, and understanding the key terms of keto. 
  • A little bit of what you can find in Paleo Magazine’s keto special issue! 
  • The history of keto and its ties with fasting practices. 
  • Which foods make up the ketogenic diet and which do not. 
  • How ketosis happens in the body when switching to a fat based diet. 
  • Why is it worth making the shift to keto? 
  • Times when the ketogenic diet should be avoided. 
  • Exploring the idea and foods of a paleo-friendly keto diet. 
  • And much more!


“The technical ketogenic diet is composed of a 4 to 1 ratio by weight of fat to protein plus carbohydrates.” — @paleomagazine [0:06:15.4]

“What is the ketogenic diet? It’s a food regimen that shifts the body from burning carbohydrate based fuel to burning fat based fuel, and it comes with a surprising number of health benefits.” — @paleomagazine [0:08:09.8]

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This episode is sponsored by Paleo Powder. Check out their great selection of spices and save 25% off your order when you use code PALEOMAG at checkout!


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