In this show we’re joined by Ian Berger, the president and cofounder of Altrufuel! He is here to tell us all about his life in health and exercise, how he started a CrossFit gym in New York at the age of 18, and where he sees the future of competitive fitness going. Ian opens up about the strong women in his life, and we talk a lot about CrossFit, the role it has played in his life, and how it aligned with his values and goals. The conversation then turns to the CrossFit Games, Ian’s experiences taking part and what competitive fitness means to him. Lastly we hear about his company, Altrufuel and their CBD based products , as well as supplements, regulations and more! 

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of Ian’s background leading up to opening a CrossFit gym.
  • Quitting soccer, studying and running a gym at the same time! 
  • The strong women in Ian’s life and the culture CrossFit has espoused. 
  • The role tech has had in changing sport as we have seen with CrossFit.
  • How Ian and his dad sold the gym in 2016 and his life since then. 
  • Ian’s experience competing in the CrossFit games on a team and individually. 
  • Mentorship and the importance of having leaders in your life. 
  • Legacy, contribution and being of service in others health journeys. 
  • Ian’s company Altrufuel and how they are packaging CBD oil in their products.
  • How to differentiate good and bad quality plant medicines and products.
  • Regulation and rules for health products and what could be done to improve the market. 
  • The difficulty of sleeping and eating well when traveling and how to combat this.  
  • Other supplements that Ian has had success with besides CBD.
  • Our psychology and relationship with food and its effects.
  • And much more!


“I learned a lot about just the politics of being a student and entering the workforce, which I didn’t really have that much exposure to.” — Ian Berger [0:19:39.3]

“It’s always going to be a path of your testing every step of the way.” — Ian Berger [1:13:16.8]

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