Today on Paleo Magazine Radio we are very happy to welcome Dr. Paul Saladino! Dr. Saladino is a confirmed and staunch carnivore subscriber and advocate, believing after much experimentation and self-discovery that a meat-based diet is the most healthy way for humans to eat. Paul has his own show called the Functional Health Podcast and is currently writing a book called The Carnivore Code about his ideas on nutrition. We start off our discussion with his earlier years, traveling, searching and finding ways to live that were more healthy and fulfilling. We discuss this year’s KetoCon, where we recorded this episode and some of the things that Dr. Saladino found a bit troubling about it before we get into the carnivore diet and its relationship to the keto and Paleo diets. Paul unpacks his experiences hunting and how transformative it was for him to kill a deer before talking about functional medicine and the problems with treating symptoms instead of causes. We also get into the nutrition of meat diets, the nose to tail way of eating and more!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dr. Saladino’s thoughts on, and experience at, KetoCon this year. 
  • The evolution of diets, from Paleo to keto to carnivore. 
  • Dr. Saladino’s journey to functional medicine and the role played by adventures in nature. 
  • Hunting a deer and reconnecting with ancestral roots of killing animals. 
  • Spending three months hiking the Pacific Crest trail, fresh out of college. 
  • The different dietary phases that Dr. Saladino has gone through in his life up to now. 
  • Changing the medical model to treatment of root causes instead of symptoms. 
  • Different exercise methods and interests as a way to keep moving and learning. 
  • Consuming the whole animal, just like our stone-age ancestors did!
  • Fueling the vehicle after it’s built and fat as the optimum form of gas. 
  • Structure, tracking, and maintaining the right ratios on a carnivore diet.  
  • Animal fats, organs, and the nose to tail approach to consumption of animals.
  • How Paul is currently splitting his time between his many commitments. 
  • And much more!


“I think a lot of the keto world is going to 1,700 varieties of keto cookies and that bugs me.” — @MdSaladino [0:05:48.3]

“I was curious about how to get food out there. How the heck am I supposed to get food in the woods all the time or if I’m climbing mountains.” — @MdSaladino [0:12:18.4]

“There’s a lot of propaganda out there in my opinion, there’s a lot of people selling ideas that sound good on the surface and they can come twist the data.” — @MdSaladino [0:26:01.8]

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