On today’s podcast, we have an amazing guest with us, one whom I can hardly believe hasn’t been on before! She is Sarah Fragoso: author, coach and the brilliant mind behind the Everyday Paleo book series. Sarah has been an influential person in the paleo and health and wellness scene for a long time and she’s just co-authored a new book, Hangry, that outlines five practices to balance your hormones and improve the overall quality of your life, including aspects such as self-care, mindfulness, and self-talk.

On this episode she shares her experiences growing up with a mom who struggled with health issues, the problems she herself experienced later in life and what she did when her strict exercise and diet routine stopped working and nearly pushed her to a breaking point. She discusses the process of learning that health is fluid and that, as our bodies and circumstances change, our dietary and exercise needs also change and why it is so vital to maintaining a position of openness and acceptance on this journey. Be sure to join in for this special episode!


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Growing up as an active, athletic child and “stumbling” into the health and fitness industry.
  • Having a better understanding of the health issues her mom used to suffer from.
  • How a chance meeting with Robb Wolf got her to start exercising and eating better.
  • When her diet and exercise routine stopped working and pushed her to a breaking point.
  • Moving away from dogma and realizing that health is fluid.
  • Learning to listen to your body instead of blaming yourself and over-restricting your routine. 
  • The importance of processing negative emotions rather than suppressing them.
  • The courage required to face unpleasant feelings in a world that keeps distracting us.
  • More about the five habits outlined in Hangry and the challenging process of writing.
  • The hormonal hierarchy and the monumental challenge of stress management.
  • Learning acceptance and working through uncomfortable phases.
  • Tips for self-care practices: incorporating daily mantras and breathing exercises.
  • Remaining in an attitude of openness toward the outcomes of events in our lives.
  • Animal fats, a low inflammatory diet and the impact that it has on our hormones.
  • Testing for food sensitivities and paying attention to stress and sleep deprivation.
  • Having a balanced approach and striving for consistency rather than perfection. 
  • And much more!



“I felt so much better like within weeks, I was a new person and it was one of those things like so many people’s stories that you hear on the Internet now where when you start to actually feel better, you want to share your journey.” — @TheSarahFragoso [0:09:25.1]

“I really think it’s why so many diets fail is because they’re done in this punishing, self-deprecating sort of way versus what can I do that’s so super nourishing for me?” — @TheSarahFragoso [0:15:33.1]

“So the whole concept of the book when it comes to the nutrition suggestions is to definitely start with more of a low inflammatory diet, right? Because inflammation is the great hormone mess maker.” — @TheSarahFragoso [0:40:02.1]


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This episode is sponsored by Joovv! Joovv makes red light therapy lamps and products that have been proven to increase relaxation, improve sleep, reduce skin problems and much more. Use the code “paleomag” on Joovv.com/paleomag and receive a free gift!


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