On the show today we are very glad to welcome Simon Cheng the founder of Pique Tea! Simon gives us great insight into the oldest of beverages, its history, health benefits, and pervasive culture and traditions. We start off the episode with Simon’s own story and how he came to find the amazing health benefits of tea through his own struggles and reoccurring issues. He tells us of the terrible ordeal he endured after a badly proposed and executed lung operation and how this led to serious changes in practice around his wellbeing. From there we chat about the essential parts of making delicious and healthy tea, from brew times to ingredients and more. Simon then expands on how Pique Tea is simplifying the tea making process and how this could change the American tea market and open it up to a whole new demographic.

We discuss some of the components and compounds that make tea so healthy and Simon makes a very strong argument for the use of tea for calm and clear thinking, gut health and consistent energy throughout the day, things that most of us would love! Pique Tea is offering our listeners a 15% discount off orders of $60 or more when you visit piquetea.life/paleomag, so do not sleep on that great special! 


On that note, remember to also check out our great show sponsors Birch Benders for all your paleo pancakes desires. They are offering 20% off when you use the code ‘PaleoMag20’ at https://birchbenders.com! Join us for all this and more on today’s show!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Simon’s background and the personal health journey that led to founding Pique Tea. 
  • The disastrous operation that was carried out on Simon’s collapsed lungs. 
  • Some of the optimal methods and practices for well-brewed tea.
  • The global culture fo tea drinking and why it is largely missing from North America.
  • How Pique Tea is making the process of brewing and drinking more healthy and convenient. 
  • The great state of calm alertness that the amino acid, L-theanine produces. 
  • Where Simon and Pique Tea source their product! 
  • A little bit about Pique Tea’s matcha products and how they brew them. 
  • Drinking appropriate teas according to the time of day to better experiences the effects. 
  • And much more!  



“You can actually get a lot of evaporation without causing a lot of heat. In this process, we’re able to eliminate all of the water.” — @pique [0:20:22.8]

“Everyone can be their own tea master. And I think that that’s the key to really unlocking the very powerful health benefits that tea has become recognized for.” — @pique [0:24:42.6]

“So in each plant raw material, we are really thinking hard about what is the best presentation for this to achieve the benefit as well as the taste parameters of delivering excellent tea product.” — @pique [0:33:15.3]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Birch Benders — https://birchbenders.com

Pique Tea — http://piquetea.life/paleomag

Simon Cheng — https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonscheng

Pique Tea on Twitter — https://twitter.com/pique

Whole Foods — https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com

Target — https://www.target.com/

Walmart — https://www.walmart.com

Harvard University — https://www.harvard.edu

Stanford University — https://www.stanford.edu/

Global Tea Championships — https://www.teachampionship.com

Dr. Jason Fung — https://www.dietdoctor.com/my-single-best-weight-loss-tip

The Sun Goddess Matcha — https://www.piquetea.com/products/matcha-green-tea

Ben Horowitz — https://www.forbes.com/profile/ben-horowitz/#1b777c22c7f8

Esther Blum — https://estherblum.com


This episode is sponsored by Birch Benders for all your paleo pancakes desires. They are offering 20% off when you use the code ‘PaleoMag20’ at https://birchbenders.com! Join us for all this and more on today’s show!


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