On today’s episode, I get to have an in-depth conversation with the renowned integrative dietitian and high-performance coach, Esther Blum. Esther has helped thousands of women lose fat, eliminate the need for medication, reverse chronic illness and improve their relationship with food and their bodies, empowering them to enjoy sustained health and happiness. She also wrote a book called Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat, which listeners will get to hear more about as we talk through her holistic approach to wellness and her belief in “adding in” rather than a “taking away” when it comes adjusting your lifestyle. Inflammation and detoxing are concepts that are widely talked about but often misunderstood, and Esther sheds some light on these topics, explaining the process of ridding the body of toxins and making sure that your liver is healthy and doing its part.

She shares about the approach she takes with her clients, from systematically guiding them to alter their food and lifestyle choices to help them to discover what it is that they need to do to reach that next level of their health journey. We also chat about socially acceptable behaviors such as daytime drinking and boozy brunches and how to navigate this sensitive topic as a coach. Don’t miss out on this incredible conversation where you will also learn more about stress relief and a miracle supplement called phosphatidylserine!


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Switching from a conventional to a more holistic approach to diet and health.
  • The one-sidedness of traditional nutrition programs and joining up with an integrative doctor. 
  • Working with clients on a one-on-one basis and starting a group coaching course.
  • The biggest barriers to getting healthy and why the book was specifically written for women.
  • Esther’s take on the paleo diet and formulating programs around individual needs. 
  • Unpacking the terms “detox” and “inflammation”.
  • Glyphosate and other toxins and why they affect women more adversely.
  • How the mechanism of sweating out toxins works and the role of the liver.
  • Avoiding extremes, adding in and other advice for starting off on a healthier lifestyle.
  • The baseline for protein intake and the age group of women who need it most.
  • The growing epidemic of a boozing culture and the benefits of abstaining.
  • Approaching the issue of alcohol in the context of coaching women.
  • Always keeping in mind that you are more than what you eat and drink.
  • More about Part Two of her book: Finding your carbs tolerance.
  • What to do if you are not getting results and the types of testing that should be done.
  • Supplements, the benefits of phosphatidylserine and tips for stress relief and better sleep.
  • And much more!



“Some people are going to have 45% of their diet protein. Other people are going to have 10% of their diet protein. I really have to cater to the goals of the individual that I’m working with and their health issues.” — @EstherBlum [0:12:23.1]

“A lot of people don’t realize that part of the reason they’re not sleeping is that they’re waking up in pain or they’re trying to get comfortable, that can actually be a cause of insomnia.” — @EstherBlum [0:16:10.1]

“The beauty is, the body responds really quick to things. It is pretty darn forgiving and you can create massive shifts in a really short period of time.” — @EstherBlum  [0:33:59.1]


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This episode is sponsored by Joovv. Joovv makes red light therapy lamps and products that have been proven to increase mood imbalance, soreness, jet lag and much more. Use the code “paleomag” on Joovv.com/paleomag and receive a bonus treat!


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