On today’s show, we are joined by the wonderful, knowledgable and charming Dr. Ron Ehrlich from the Sydney Holistic Dental Center. Dr. Ron is here to share some of his experience and wisdom around better oral care and how it fits into a more holistic and ancestral approach to health. Our guest has recently published a book titled A Life Less Stressed: The Five Pillars of Health and Wellness, as a means to share the lessons he has learned in the many decades of work in holistic dentistry.

In our conversation, we cover some of this experience and background before diving into dentistry as a profession and what a holistic approach to this area of medicine looks like. Dr. Ron talks about general health and the importance of the five pillars; sleep, breath, nourishment, movement and thought. We get into our typical ancestral discussion and look at the mouth, its evolution and centrality to our general wellbeing. Our guest brings up the ties between the microbiome in the mouth and the more commonly referred to one in the gut and stresses their interdependency. We finish off chatting about environmental factors and how they impact us continually before Dr. Ron shares a few thoughts on the simple sensibility of dental and general health. 


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of Dr. Ehrlich’s background and dental work leading up to writing his book.
  • The taxing profession of dentistry and the harmful effects it has on dentists’ health! 
  • Comparing the patient’s experience of holistic dentistry with more traditional routes.
  • The progression of access to information over the last 40 years.
  • Quality and quantity components to a good night’s sleep.
  • The strong connections between consistently good sleep and oral health.
  • An ancestral look at oral health and the evolution of our mouths.
  • The relationship between the microbiomes in our mouth and gut.
  • The issue of environmental health and how deeply it affects us.
  • Maintaining a simple yet effective attitude and practice around holistic health.
  • Practical advice for taking control of your dental health in the future.
  • And much more!



“If you’re going to deal with stress, if you’re going to deal with the problem, it really helps to know what that problem is and I think most people acknowledge that stress is a problem.” — @DrRonEhrlich [0:08:41.5]

“Chronic inflammation is the common denominator running through all diseases. That’s a big statement but I think it’s true.” — @DrRonEhrlich [0:17:55.2]

“We ask about sleep, that’s a really important part of our patient exam and it’s a part of our ongoing exam.” — @DrRonEhrlich [0:20:03.9]


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