Today we are thrilled to invite Lillian Zhao on to the show who speaks about her women-run health foods platform, Further Food. Lillian begins by sharing the story behind her company’s genesis, which began with the sickness of some close friends. In wanting to help her friends, Lillian realized that there is very little information out there about how to prevent and cure an illness that isn’t based on Western medical principles. What began as a community content platform based on Lillian’s ‘food is medicine’ background, turned into the wonder that Further Food is today.

What makes Lillian’s service different is that it has its heart in a true desire to help people heal, and is inspired by ancient recipes as well as Chinese medicine. In speaking with Lilian, we hear all about her unique product line. Her products include the best tasting (taste-free) collagen, a hugely successful chocolate collagen, and other amazing items such as her turmeric golden milk.


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • How the sickness of her friends lead Lillian to start a health food information platform.
  • How this information platform became a product platform through the needs of its community.
  • Further Food is fully women-run, and most of their researchers are women too.
  • The Further Food chocolate collagen recipe: 4 ingredients and sugar-free.
  • The service Further Food provides to women, who are disproportionately affected by IBS.
  • IBS is underfunded because most health experts are men.
  • The non-profits which Further Food supports, including Paleo Boss Lady.
  • Lillian’s family roots in Chinese medicine, which caused her ‘food is medicine’ approach.
  • Further Foods products are verified through stories as a counterpoint to Western science.
  • The sources of Further Food collagen: pasture-raised in Argentina, Uraguay, and Paraguay.
  • Lilian’s perspective on the negligible differences between marine and animal-based collagen.
  • A point of contention around whether plant-based collagen exists.
  • The challenges Further Food faces: less about ethics than visibility.
  • The brilliant recipe section on the Further Food website.
  • The wonder of Matcha and Ashwagandha as energy boosters which also relax.  


“Our mission overall is really to help prevent and heal your chronic illness, and it’s very core to who we are as a business.” – @inspiredinvestr [0:10:58.]

“We work with a lot of acupuncturists, Ayurvedic experts, herbalists, because we really want to bring some of these ancient remedies into products that are easy to use in our modern busy lives.” – @inspiredinvestr [0:14:42.]

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