For today’s episode, we are joined by the wonderful and inspiring Dr. Elly Michelle Lieppman! Dr. Elly is a licensed naturopathic doctor or ND who focussed on preventative medicine and health optimization and specializes in issues concerning women. The main ways she helps her clients are through balancing hormones, addressing autoimmune conditions, digestive troubles and hypothyroidism. We hear from her about her own health journey and the struggles she experienced growing up that led her into this profession.

Dr. Elly had to overcome anorexia and a large part of our conversation unpacks just what that meant and how this issue affects the body in so many ways. We talk about how she learned to love and care for her body again and about her attitude to food, nutrition and eating is now. Our guest unpacks the four big things she looks at with regards to menstrual cycles and menopause and how giving this attention can make the difficult parts of this much more manageable. The conversation covers awareness, education, lifestyle and so much more so be sure to join us today!



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dr. Elly’s experiences eating organ meats and why health does not always have to be fun.   
  • Different cultural practices around raw meats and fish!
  • An introduction to Dr. Elly’s work and her training in naturopathic medicine.
  • The state regulation for naturopathic doctors and how it differs across the US.
  • Dr. Elly’s teenage eating disorder and how this led her into the field of health and wellness.
  • How the eating disorder came about and initial visits to the doctor.
  • The self-awareness and habits that it took to reach beyond anorexia and daily harm.
  • Orthorexia and issues that are more difficult to identify than the obvious ones. 
  • Autoimmune issues and the prevalence of disorders that affect women.
  • Birth control, false periods and understanding the female body in a real way.
  • The effect of lifestyle changes that can influence hormones and menstrual cycles.
  • Sleep cycles and circadian rhythms; the anti-inflammatory effects of rest!
  • Giving our bodies time to recuperate after stressful events.
  • Dr. Elly’s work helping clients find their own individual wellness balance. 
  • How Dr. Elly went back to eating meat after 10 years vegetarian!
  • Optimum amounts of protein for meals and special considerations for women.
  • Dr. Elly’s practice, how she has built up her client base and the first appointment.
  • Helpful resources and homework for clients for the long term.


“It’s not really about food, that’s what a lot of people don’t recognize when it comes to eating disorders. It’s a coping mechanism.” — Dr. Elly Michelle Lieppman [0:17:42.8]

“I fell into a depression that led to a loss of appetite and then I realized I was losing weight and I liked it.” — Dr. Elly Michelle Lieppman [0:22:21.4]

“I just realized that I wanted my life to be a lot more meaningful and fulfilling. That was the turning point for me.” — Dr. Elly Michelle Lieppman [0:28:51.5]

“I am definitely a fan of learning and understanding your cycle and when your fertile window is.” — Dr. Elly Michelle Lieppman [0:40:48.1]

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