The approaching holidays bring with them various temptations synonymous with this time of year. Rather than restricting yourself, we think you should indulge! Sensibly, of course. This is because the holidays are about so much more than being regimented about diet and exercise. They are about spending time with people you love. For many of us, it is easy to be disciplined or go off the rails completely, but this holiday season does not have to be either-or. Ashleigh reads Melissa Hartwig’s article, Eat, Drink and Be Merry, where she discusses the three reasons it is not a good idea to begin a nutrition challenge during the holidays as a means to stave off temptation. The piece also provides some excellent tips on how to find a balance during all the festivities through creating your own healthy guidelines. Today’s episode is once again kindly brought you by the Metabolic Health Summit, a four-day immersive event in LA next year, featuring leading experts in the field of keto, ranging from doctors to thought-leaders to scientists.


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Finding balance is tough at any time of year but particularly the holidays.
  • Whole30 is about creating awareness, which takes time you don’t have in the holidays.
  • The holidays are stressful as is – why add an extra stressor through a nutritional challenge?
  • Some food is significant for reasons other than nutrition, so indulge (sensibly).
  • Top tips to not go completely off the rails during the festive season.


“Why go through all the effort of giving up foods you like if you’re not going to learn anything from the experience?” @melissa_urban [0:06:49.1]


“During the craziness of the holiday season, when you’ll be faced with temptation on a near-daily basis, the added pressures of your Paleo challenge may prove more stressful than helpful.” — @melissa_urban [0:07:35.1]


“There is no guilt associated with a deliberately-made food choice.” — @melissa_urban  [0:09:19.1]


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