Joining us on this week’s episode is Sabrina Wieser, German-born but New York-based marathon runner and coach who is known online as Running Brina. Growing up in a small hometown meant that Sabrina had never considered running as an option before moving to The States. New York’s flourishing running culture captured her imagination though, and she ended up falling in love with the sport. On top of being a sub-four marathoner with a massive online following, Sabrina is also very serious about lifting.

We are lucky to have her on the show today to talk about – you guessed it – all things running and gymming! She lets us in on how she decided to take both sports so seriously in the first place, and you’ll hear about all the dietary and workout logistics involved in making such an aim sustainable. Sabrina tells us about the marathons she has completed across the world, her training community in NYC, her ultra high carb diet, favorite running spots, and the city as a network of bridges, hills, and loops. We also spend a bit of time speaking about her quite unintentional trajectory into being a social media personality, her love of her day job, and why a social media-based career is not for her, even though it sometimes feels like a job anyway. Sabrina is an inspiration and her down to earth attitude about the value of sticking to a goal is infectious, so tune in for a great interview with an incredible human being.



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Coffee habits and why Sabrina has switched to tea and cold brews due to caffeine overload!
  • Sabrina’s relationship and eventual obsession with running after moving to NYC.
  • Reasons why Sabrina didn’t run much in Germany due to the size of her hometown.
  • Training, conditions, and how Sabrina ran two sub-four marathons in Berlin and New York.
  • An interesting detail about Sabrina: that she lifts in addition to being a serious runner.
  • Reasons Sabrina began gymming: she believed losing weight equated to running faster.
  • What went into the diets and schedules enabling Sabrina to run and gym simultaneously.
  • Distance preferences and the pros and cons of running as well as gymming.
  • Sabrina’s running community and how she feels running is a form of meditation.
  • Eating schedules, food obsessions, and how Sabrina found her perfect diet.
  • Recovery practices such as getting good sleep, stretching, and ‘recovery runs’.
  • How Sabrina got so huge on Instagram and her thoughts on social as a career.
  • In-depth descriptions of the heavy carb-loaded meals Sabrina eats before races.
  • The horrors of using gels to keep carbs up during races.
  • Plans for running longer races but not ones involving nine loops around Central Park.
  • Why hill training is great on treadmills but running is generally better outdoors.
  • Sabrina’s favorite running spots in NYC and the upcoming races she has planned.
  • The joy of using running as a way of exploring new places.



“What I had to figure out was really, ‘Okay. When I’m running, let’s say, five times a week, when do I go to the gym and train legs?'” — @runningbrina [0:17:24.4]

“A runner doesn’t have to look a certain way. They come in all shapes and sizes, ages, and paces, and that’s really the place where I feel most comfortable.” — @runningbrina [0:22:20.1]

“I went to the Dominican Republic with some of my friends who were born there. They took us to Santo Domingo and we ran the Santo Domingo Half. That’s really what we did. We explored the city running. It was amazing.” — @runningbrina [0:54:05.1]


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