Conventional chiropractic readjustments are often unsuitable treatments for people who suffer from chronic pain. Today’s guest is Dr. Emily Kiberd, a chiropractor whose approach to the treatment of people with a range of symptoms extends far beyond the scope of her discipline. Dr. Kiberd has a holistic methodology, and works with functional medicine practitioners, develops comprehensive lifestyle plans and workout programs, and seeks to understand the root cause of pain and imbalances in her clients. Part of her focus is on women who are either pregnant, have autoimmune issues, want to lose weight or have Hashimoto’s.

Her treatment plan in these regards encourages women to embrace strength training and she has actually developed a specific program for this called Thyroid Strong. Dr. Kiberd joins us on the show today to speak about her diagnostic processes, workout plans, belief in the basic pillars of good health, and own process working through Hashimoto’s. She also gets into her experience with pregnancy and motherhood and talks about the lessons she has learned through the process as far as keeping her body and mind in good form. This episode should be valuable to anyone who cares about health and wellness, so make sure you join us for a brilliant conversation.



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Sleepless nights new moms face due to baby leap phases. 
  • Motherhood tips to be found on the blog section of the Urban Wellness Clinic website.
  • Primal movement pattern body strengthening techniques used in Emily’s practice.
  • How people with hyper-mobility require strength training rather than chiropractic adjustments.
  • Ways that over-mobility can cause tension in other body parts and vice versa.
  • What to look for in a doctor if you’re suffering from pain or tension.
  • The necessity for autoimmune sufferers to stimulate muscle tissue through heavy lifting.
  • Workout structure at UWC: 25 minutes, high weight, low reps, long breaks.
  • Mental strength which women that do strength training begin to develop.
  • Dietary unpreparedness pre-pregnancy which can lead to autoimmune issues.
  • Genetic, food intolerance, and environmental factors that cause autoimmune issues.
  • How Emily motivates clients to do the hard work/long recovery periods her methods require.
  • Holistic diagnostic processes Emily uses involving questions of sleep, diet, and more.
  • Different cupping methods and how they target lymph and treat ailments.
  • Perspectives on ice baths and sauna use in relation to sympathetic/parasympathetic states.
  • The necessity of maintaining good sleep, diet, and exercise before biohacking.
  • Emily’s Thyroid Strong program: benefits, schedules, workout style, membership structure.



“A really, really good manual therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor looks at where the body needs more stability and where it needs more mobility.” — @DrEmilyKiberd [0:16:11.1]

“The autoimmune population, oftentimes as part of that autoimmune condition, has joint pain and muscle tension. Whether they’ve been diagnosed or not, you need to stimulate the muscle tissue.” — @DrEmilyKiberd [0:19:28.1]

“The biohacking movement is cool, but if you don’t do the basics and you don’t do them well, and do them consistently, does it matter what nootropic you take, or how many times you’re plunging into a cold bath?” — @DrEmilyKiberd [0:46:49.1]


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