As gut health grows in the popular imagination, there is a greater and greater need for clear understanding and transparency. Just like many other areas of the health market, there has been confusion and misinformation in the realm of the gut, probiotics, and bacteria, and at the end of the day, the ones who suffer are the consumers. Caroline Beckman, the founder of Nouri, joins us today to talk about her company, what they are doing in the probiotic space and her commitment to helping customers through informative labeling and continued education.

We hear from Caroline about her astounding young career; at just 26 she has already been involved in multiple companies, with Nouri just being the latest! She talks about what led her to the field, her passion for helping others, and a strong dislike of bad health! She explains the Nouri product-line and some exciting news around their nationwide distribution before getting into dosage, best practices, and some of the technical sides of their products. For a truly informative chat on a topic that none of us can afford to ignore, join us today on Paleo Magazine Radio!



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Caroline’s background, first jobs, and current work in her company Nouri!
  • How an athletic background and a passion for helping others led Caroline’s decisions.
  • The complexity of running a transparent health company at this moment in history.
  • Individual body-types and figuring out our own optimal health plan based on that.
  • Caroline’s own journey with gut-health and the natural progression of working in the space.
  • How Nouri pitches its products to serve a broad section of the American public.
  • Myths around probiotics and dispelling some common misconceptions on the topic. 
  • How Nouri is responding to the latest research in the field to successfully deliver probiotics. 
  • The exciting way that Nouri is using Ahiflower in its products and its environmental pluses. 
  • A quick overview of the Nouri product range and its nationwide availability.
  • General recommendations for dosage and Caroline’s own practices.



“There is no magic bullet for life or for health and wellness.” — @hattiebeckman [0:08:49.2]

“What the omega is doing, is that it is acting as a medium to deliver bacteria further into the body.” — @hattiebeckman [0:31:07.7]

“Whether you buy Nouri or not, I just think that everything should be labeled so that you can at least make the decision for yourself.” — @hattiebeckman [0:35:35.9]


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