Tara Couture from Slow Down Farmstead joins us today on the podcast to talk about her life on a family farm and the model for nutrition that she thinks could change the world! With a family history in farming and a deep connectedness to the natural world, it is no surprise that Tara ended up in her current role, living off the land and raising livestock to be slaughtered in the way that she sees fit.

We hear from her about her education and learning in the ways of this kind of farming and the very important mentor she had in earlier years. She talks about the multitude of different cows and how each species can be used, before explaining a little of the day to day life on Slow Down Farmstead. Tara shares her feelings about nature, nutrition and what it really means to have a meaningful connection with the world around us and this leads into a favorite topic of the show, nose-to-tail nutrition! She also shares some helpful tips on becoming more engaged in local produce and how to know what you are really eating. 


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Tara’s background; military experience, education in nutrition and family life on the farmstead. 
  • Early years and the memories of a farm that stayed with Tara.
  • The evolution of Tara’s farm practice to the small farmstead she currently runs.
  • A look at the Slow Down Farmstead and their model for selling and bartering.
  • Differences between cows that have been raised for milk or beef.
  • Day to day practices on the farm and the family operation they run.
  • Connection to the land, nature and animals; the experiences that shaped Tara.
  • The feeling of a spirit leaving and moving on when an animal is killed and turned into meat.
  • What it means to love animals and Tara’s belief in honest conversations.
  • Participation and exposure to farming practices and slaughters in the space.
  • Canadian laws and regulation around on-farm slaughter and the sale of the meat.
  • The nose-to-tail philosophy and Tara’s passion for this approach to meat-eating.
  • Tara’s tips for cooking tongue and why she loves it crispy fried!
  • Advice for researching and getting into the nose-to-tail lifestyle. 
  • Some exciting information about the forthcoming book that Tara is writing!



“I feel passionate about raising animals humanely.” — Tara Couture [0:12:04.6]

“You have to allow yourself that gift of accepting things that are never quite done.” — Tara Couture [0:17:23.3]

“When that life force is extinguished in the body that spirit moves on.” — Tara Couture [0:34:39.5]

“That’s what life is, you get to know people, you make friends, you have these relationships with people that you love and care about.” — Tara Couture [0:41:52.8]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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The Biggest Little Farm — https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_biggest_little_farm

The Devil in the Milk — https://www.amazon.com/Devil-Milk-Illness-Health-Politics/dp/1603581022

Eatwild — www.eatwild.com

Weston A. Price Foundation — https://www.westonaprice.org/

Genius Foods — https://www.amazon.com/Genius-Foods-Smarter-Productive-Protecting/dp/0062562851

The Genius Life — https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0062892819/

Max Lugavere — https://www.maxlugavere.com/

Remember to check out our great show sponsors, Wild Foods, at wildfoods.co and use the code ‘paleomag’ for a wonderful 12% discount!

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