Our biology has yet to catch up to the demands of modern living. We don’t do well with sedentary lifestyles, always eating and constant exposure to light, yet these are features of nearly all of our daily lives. In today’s episode, Ashleigh reads out an article by Ryan Munsey called 5 Ancestral Habits to Help You Master Your Mind, where he provides tips on how to cultivate practices that will serve you well. Without a sound mind, other aspects of healthy living will not pay off, which is why it’s important to approach health holistically.

The tips in the article include ways of boosting brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, how to practice intermittent fasting to optimize your body’s fat-storing biology, and ways of better managing your tech. These are all actionable, easy to incorporate steps that acknowledge the realities of the modern world while drawing on ancient wisdom. Be sure to tune in today!



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Find out more about Paleo f(x), who Ashleigh’s going with, and what she’ll be up to there.
  • What Ashleigh gets up to when she’s not hosting Paleo Magazine Radio.
  • Habit one: Movement is important, it improves mental state, and what we can do to move.
  • Habit two: Learn how to maximize the chemicals in your head for optimum happiness.
  • Habit three: Practice intermittent fasting to help your body’s biology designed to store fat.
  • Habit four: Decrease harmful light exposure practices through limiting screen time, 20-20-20 rule, and more.
  • Habit five: Break the cycle of information overload by managing your tech better. 



“I think that it’s useful to connect the fact that our lifestyle habits reflect our mental health and vice versa. It’s not just about eating the best food or doing the best workouts, it’s about mental health and how all of these things are connected.” — Ashleigh Vanhouten [0:04:31.0]

“Our ancestors came close to our weekly movement totals daily, making our modern standard for “healthy living” four to five times lower than our biology is used to. No wonder we’re inflamed, obese, sick, and unhappy.” — @ryanmunsey [0:06:19.0]

“The point is to make sure we use technology, rather than letting it to use us.” — @ryanmunsey [0:13:22.0]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Paleo f(x) — https://www.paleofx.com/

KetoCon — https://ketocon.org/ketocon-2020/

Beth Lipton — https://www.bethlipton.com/

Dr Gabrielle Lyon — https://drgabriellelyon.com/

Human Potential Parties — http://ashleighvanhouten.com/human-potential-party/

Ryan Munsey — https://ryanmunsey.com/

Ryan Munsey on Twitter — https://twitter.com/ryanmunsey

F*ck Your Feelings https://www.amazon.com/F-k-Your-Feelings-Accomplish-Significant/dp/B07HS1HTVZ

Better Human Project Podcast — https://www.betterhumanproject.org/project

5 Ancestral Habits to Help You Master Your Mind https://paleomagazine.com/5-ancestral-habits-to-help-you-master-your-mind/

Ashleigh Vanhouten Website — http://ashleighvanhouten.com/

Ashleigh Vanhouten on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/themusclemaven/

Ashleigh Vanhouten’s email — ashleigh@paleomagazine.com

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