There are a few really great paleo books out there and now you can add The Genius Life, by Max Lugavere to that list! The Genius Life follows Genius Foods and broadens the scope of Max’s previous book into an entire lifestyle philosophy. We are so lucky to have Max on the show today to discuss his new book and his approach to ancestral health, the right kind of exercise and freeing the body from toxins! Max hosts his own podcast, also called The Genius Life, and we hear from him about his areas of interest and how much he enjoys the process of speaking to experts.

Max is a strong advocate for better information on women’s health, feeling that there is such a dearth of useful stuff for women in the space. We talk about carnivore versus plant-based, cross-adaptation and the arguments for when to detox your body. One of Max’s main beliefs is that flexibility and resiliency are key to human health and that too much of the same thing or only favorable conditions can lead to weakness. He explains how this happens and why we should be exposing ourselves to a variety of conditions and materials. He also weighs-in on adaptogens and the areas of health that might not be getting as much attention as they deserve.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Max’s move to Santa Monica and the release of his latest book The Genius Life.   
  • The Genius Life Podcast and some of the things that Max enjoys most about hosting it.
  • Aiming for better content around women’s health in a sea of mediocre information.
  • The motivation for the new book and how it builds on his last book, Genius Foods.
  • New lessons that Max has taken on since his last book; macros and protein.
  • The conversation around carnivore and plant-based diets and where Max fits in.
  • Resiliency, metabolic flexibility and anti-fragility through a diverse diet and environment.
  • Cross adaptation in different areas of your life and health; cold therapy and stress exposure. 
  • When to think about detoxing your body and some of the factors to consider in this process. 
  • The role of nutrition, perspiration and excretion in your toxin resiliency.
  • Max’s thoughts on adaptogens and supplementing a healthy whole foods diet.
  • The astaxanthin compound and the amazing protective effect it has on our cells!
  • Blindspots that deserve more attention from us; mobility, NEAT and post-meal energy levels.
  • Where to find The Genius Life and connect with Max!



“I wake up every day excited!” — @maxlugavere [0:06:39.2]

“We live in a time where media every other day is seemingly saying that we eat too much protein.” — @maxlugavere [0:20:38.7]

“I am able to walk this line where I am carnivore-adjacent.” — @maxlugavere [0:24:37.5]

“Correlation does not equal causation. I think with vegetable consumption you are always going to have strong, healthy user bias.” — @maxlugavere [0:26:01.9]


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Don’t forget to visit our amazing sponsors Wild Foods for all of your favorite paleo-friendly products. Get a 12% discount when you use the code ‘PALEOMAG’ at checkout at!

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