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Tony just got back from the 2016 Ancestral Health Society symposium and has some great audio for you.

During the conference, which was held on the beautiful, Rocky Mountain surrounded, University of Colorado Boulder Campus, Tony recorded a Facebook Live conversation with Dr. Terry Wahls, Chris Masterjohn, and Darryl Edwards. He got a one on one interview with the Paleo Mom Dr. Sarah Ballantyne that reveals her latest fitness hack and also listened in as a group of Plant experts called into question one of the bedrock beliefs of Paleo. And, throughout the conference, captured numerous mini-interviews with a diversity of entrepreneurs, academics, and medical specialists that will give you a chance to really experience what it’s like at AHS.

Getting all this audio together is going to require a little bit of editing, so we’re going to kick things off with Tony’s Ancestral Health Symposium presentation “Get Up, Stand Up: A Brief History of Sedentarism and Why Movement is Good Medicine.”

In “Get Up, Stand Up”, Tony shares his own personal experience with chronic low back pain, and how it opened his eyes to the dangers of sitting down. If you are interested in finding out the relationship between our movement environment and chronic disease, when chairs were invented, and how sitting might not be the new smoking, but it might be the new McDonald’s, stand up, or even better, walk, and give it a listen.

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