Primal Alternative produces grain-free primal alternatives to many of the foods we love and have grown up with, but in a primal way without less than ideal ingredients. They make breads, pizza bases, cookies, pastries, bagels, pancakes and wraps. These baked goodies are made with real food with no additives, preservatives, refined sugar, refined seed oils or grains. What makes them even more unique is that all products are home baked by a “Primalista” (local home baker) and delivered to you by hand, post, local market, health food shop, deli, café or farm shop. Think cottage industry but on a national scale.

Primal Alternative arrived in the UK in late 2019 and plans to emulate its big sister in Australia. So far, over 140 women have joined the tribe of merry bakers in setting up their very own home baking business in Australia, as they work toward their vision of 1,000 Primalistas across the country to make the products accessible to everyone. The culture of this trail blazing business has grabbed the attention of some of the biggest names in the Paleo industry such as Pete Evans and Quirky Cooking who loved the idea so much they jumped on board to collaborate. They now co-produce a number of products.

The unique Primal Alternative model gives women (and men) across the UK the opportunity to use their passion for clean living and baking to set up their own business, working from home, with all the flexibility that brings, and the freedom to run their business around their lives and families. The model is based on collaboration rather than competition. Primalistas don’t have “territories” – just their own customers and retailers. They all work together as a team, covering holidays and supporting each other, attending relevant events together to spread the word.  Some Primalistas opt to work one day every couple weeks, some do it full time, and the majority commit to 2-3 days per week.   

Each Primalista purchases a license which gives them access to a wealth of resources on the Primal Alternative website, such as recipes, how-to videos, and information on how to get registered as a food business and meet the environmental health requirements. They are also given info on where to buy their equipment and supplies, sales & marketing tips to build their business, how to approach retailers, and guidance on setting up an agreement and all the relevant paperwork. One of the most valuable resources is the Primalistas Facebook group. This group is made up of folks who have all “been there, done that”, so practically any question a new Primalista has can be asked (and probably answered!) within this group of super supportive women. 

While the overall plan is to expand the model worldwide, you can currently find Primal Alternative in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK.

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