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Having a Purpose Will Help You Live Longer

Jeremy Hendon | December 23
Having a Purpose Will Help You Live Longer

We don’t really need many reasons to live a purposeful life. After all, living with purpose makes life more enjoyable and meaningful.

But there is another good reason…

Purpose in Life as a Predictor of Mortality Across Adulthood

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Purpose Matters A Lot

There have been a lot of studies analyzing the effect purpose has on health and mortality. This study attempted to account for a lot more variables.

To be fair, you can’t ever really account for all variables, and I’m talking about this study mostly because I like and identify with the findings. So take it for what it’s worth.

Point is, though, this is yet another study that shows that adults of all ages live significantly longer (and healthier) when they have a purpose to their life.

Right now, you’re probably saying “great…” because this doesn’t really tell you how to get a purpose.

I’ve got some personal thoughts on that issue, since I’ve been working through it myself for the past few years, but that’s a different article.

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