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Really Cool Alternative to Antibiotics

Jeremy Hendon | April 10
Really Cool Alternative to Antibiotics

I’m not a very big fan of antibiotics, either pharmaceutical or herbal.

Let me rephrase that. I’m actually a huge fan of antibiotics – they save lives and are really awesome. But I also think we should limit our use of antibiotics to those times when it’s super-necessary.

Over-use of antibiotics leads to resistant strains of bacteria, and it also destroys all of the good, commensal bacteria that our bodies thrive on.

That’s why I’m very interested to see this new research on antibiotic alternatives:

Possible alternative to antibiotics: Nanoparticles made of lipids

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Researchers in Europe have begun to develop a nanotechnology that is made of lipids (fats). These nanotech lipids mimic many cells in the human body in that they look like cells to bacteria. The result is that the bacteria get “sucked up” by these nanotech lipids and eliminated.

Now, as far as the new tech goes, it doesn’t appear that this will be an answer to not killing off “good” bacteria. However, it may well be a solution to bacteria developing into resistant strains.