While our bodies slowly evolve, our brains and the technology it creates, are moving at an exponential rate. The focus of our modern world is to “work smarter, not harder” where we are basically just creating ways to work smarter and hardly move. While efficiency is an essential part in creating durability, we also eliminate movement. We then try to mimic what our bodies need in the gym and it just isn’t enough.

The fact is that we are disconnected from nature and our environment. Constantly going from staring at a computer screen while sitting in a chair at work to looking at a TV screen while plugging along on a treadmill in the gym.

We are regularly denying our bodies the movement they desire, and seriously skimping when it comes to proper nutrition as well.

Paleo Magazine Retreats pull you from this alien environment and immerse you in natural movement, ancestral nutrition and a supportive social environment. All while bringing you back to nature.



We must move, not in one or two planes like most exercises in the gym, but through every combination, in and out of ‘proper alignment’. Walking, running, jumping, crawling, swinging, landing, swimming, defending and playing are all part of the human body’s movement makeup. These are only the basics too, we are all capable of moving in much more in-depth ways as well.


With movement comes the need for fuel to replace energy. We must fuel ourselves with the highest quality and most efficient fuel if we want our bodies to have high-end performance. We must also not add in the wrong types of fuel – if you put diesel in the tank of a car that runs on gas, it’s going to have a hard time performing. We search for beautiful locations that also offer diverse cuisine following our principles.


Socialization is extremely important to human living dynamics. While having time to yourself is extremely important (and we schedule this daily), total isolation in human beings has been shown to have the same physical stress, mortality and morbidity as a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes per day. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with other like-minded people. We typically have 2-3 group events per day and will always eat together. You will also have plenty of alone time to relax, recover and escape.


After moving and being properly fueled, you must give you body the appropriate amount of rest. Whether it’s reading a book, walking the beach, laying under a shaded tree or getting proper sleep, you must recover. During the typical stay at a Paleo Magazine Retreat, you will rise and set with the sun and reset your circadian rhythm. We have fun night time activities, but we relax and recover while doing so.

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