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Leave it to EPIC to completely change the way we think about their bars. With their ever-expanding line of responsibly raised bars and bites, they are now taking over the term “superfood” and reimagining the definition to include a world where free-range, grass fed and organic are the top priorities.

The new Beef Liver & Sea Salt EPIC Bars are exceptional in taste and nutritional value. Each bar has 16 grams of protein, and an impressive ingredients list; with grass-fed beef, grass-fed beef liver, sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, lactic acid and celery powder, these babies are as clean as they are tasty.

And the flavor? The bar has a tender, moist texture, with a deeply savory taste. The expected—but not overwhelming—liver twang is present, but even liver-haters would be hard-pressed to deny this bar’s appeal. Whether it’s the quality of the ingredients or the ratio of liver to beef that makes the difference, we’ll never know. What we do know, however, is that these EPIC bars make a great snack alongside tart apple slices, or with eggs over medium for breakfast on the go.

A recent post on the EPIC blog started a conversation on expanding the definition of “superfood” from something plant based and raw, used only in an obscure, tropical region by native peoples, to something a little more rustic, a little more… primal. Enter grass-fed liver, the most rustic, primal superfood of them all. Take a look at these statistics, from the EPIC website:

Grass-fed beef liver has 2.2 times more iron than grass-fed bison; 1.5 times more protein than Alaskan wild salmon; 2.3 times more vitamin A than organic kale; 10 times more vitamin B12 than grass-fed beef; 2.5 times the copper found in wild-caught oysters; and 2 times more phosphorus than organic chia seeds.

Not too shabby for a humble piece of offal.

The beef liver and the beef muscle meat used in the Beef Liver & Sea Salt Bars are sourced from grass-fed beef cattle that have roamed freely on green pasture, with a USDA “100 percent organic” certification. Part of EPIC’s mission is to raise the standards for animal husbandry and land management. Their focus on humane treatment of livestock and poultry, along with their support of environmentally sound practices, makes for one impactful and important company.

Not unsurprisingly, the concept of using the whole animal is close to the EPIC mission, and their creation of the Beef Liver & Sea Salt Bar is yet another way this company practices what they preach.

For more information about EPIC, or for online ordering, visit EpicBar.com.