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Evolve Paleo Pantry is an offshoot of Evolve Paleo Chef, a Paleo meal-delivery service based out of the greater Kansas City area and Wichita, Kansas, with plans to expand to northwest Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Evolve Paleo Pantry sources as much as possible from local farms, and works hard to spread the word about the benefits of an ancestral diet through weekly meal deliveries and catering gigs.

Evolve Paleo Pantry developed as a way to bring customers more of the handcrafted Paleo snacks they were craving—snacks like their famous Paleo Balls and inventive ghee infusions. The food is completely free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar, offering a fully Paleo-compliant alternative to conventional grocery shopping.

Part of the appeal of Evolve Paleo Pantry products is their convenience—not only is it simple to order online and pick up a package full of goodies a few days later, but the product formulation makes for easy assembly and quick eating.

Take the Paleo Pancake Mix, for example. Most Paleo pancake recipes require a blend of different nut and starch flours or a multi-step process involving whipping egg whites and gelatin. Not so with Evolve Paleo Pantry. Just add water to this mix of almond flour, coconut sugar, egg powder, tapioca flour, leavening, vanilla bean and kosher salt, and the perfect pancakes are ready as soon as the griddle heats up.

The pancakes have a subtle sweetness from the coconut sugar, with a nutty aroma and a good texture. Unlike many coconut flour-based pancake recipes, this one isn’t dense or dry. If you keep an eye on the cooking temperature, the batter also turns out well in the waffle iron.

Another quick breakfast option from Evolve Paleo Pantry is their Honey Cinnamon Cereal. The mix is composed predominantly of nuts, with warmth from the honey and cinnamon. The almonds, walnuts, pecans and raisins give the cereal an interesting texture—with equal parts crunch and chew—without being overly sweet.

The famous Evolve Paleo Chef Paleo Balls are a fun, bite-sized snack with an endless possibility of flavors. With a base of shredded coconut, cashews, dried prunes and dates, honey, protein powder, vanilla extract and salt, these Paleo Balls are similar to a dense, chewy granola bar—without the granola. Key Lime and Raspberry Lemonade Paleo Balls are tart and juicy, thanks to the addition of citrus reductions and fresh berries, while the Banana Bread Paleo Balls taste just like the real thing. New flavors like Cherry Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice are currently available in the Evolve Paleo Pantry online shop.

The Evolve Paleo Pantry Sweet Beef Jerky joins the ranks of high-quality, delicious and completely gluten-free jerky on the market. This jerky is hearty, with plenty in a serving, and it has great flavor. Don’t let the word “sweet” throw you off—made with grass-fed beef, pineapple juice, coconut nectar, salt, pepper and a Paleo “tamari”—a marinade made from a blend of chicken stock, fish sauce, balsamic vinegar, molasses, ginger and garlic salt—this jerky has just the right flavor balance and also comes in a spicy variety.

There are plenty of other pantry items available in the online shop, like Roasted Garlic Ghee, Paleo Bread and Cajun Ghee Pistachio Trail Mix. Evolve Paleo Pantry prioritizes quality, and their impressive lineup of Paleo convenience foods makes it easy to eat ancestrally when time and energy are in short supply.

For more information or to order online, visit EvolvePaleoPantry.com.