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Review of eXo Cricket Protein Bars

Louise Hendon | June 19
ReView of Exo protein Bars Made From cricket flour

Crickets? Eat them?

When I first read about protein bars made from cricket flour, I was both fascinated and a bit grossed out, but the more I read about it, the more excited I got about trying them!

Why On Earth Would You Eat Crickets??

Although eating bugs seems to be an extremely disgusting thing in the West, the fact is, much of the world eats insects as a nutritious snack!

Last time I visited the Beijing night markets, my cousin assured me that the scorpions on sticks were crunchy and delicious! I passed on that experience.

Insects are also a high protein source and a complete protein source.

Plus, they’re highly sustainable. While it may be difficult to imagine supplying the entire world’s population with grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and pasture raised pork, supplying the world with insect protein is significantly more realistic.

How Do eXo Bars taste?

They tasted remarkably like any other protein bar…

ReView of Exo protein Bars Made From cricket flour

I bit into them gingerly, expecting to taste the crickets, but nope – it’s quite safe, delicious, and nutritious to eat!

And clearly I’m not the only one that enjoyed them because they’ve gotten hundreds of positive reviews both on their website and on Amazon.

What Are The Ingredients In eXo Protein Bars?

They come in 4 flavors right now, but the Cacao Nut flavor is the most Paleo of them.

Ingredients for the Cacao Nut are: Almonds, Dates, Coconut, Honey, Cricket Flour (acheta Domesticus), Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder, Ground Flax Seeds, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt.

Review of Exo protein bars made from cricket flour

Where Can You Purchase eXo Protein Bars?

You can get them on their website, on Amazon, and also on Thrive Market (the cheapest price I’ve found is here).

ReView of Exo protein Bars Made From cricket flour

ReView of Exo protein Bars Made From cricket flour