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Once you try a New West KnifeWorks blade, you’ll never go back to any other knife.

New West KnifeWorks recently sent Paleo Magazine one of their popular G-Fusion Choppers, and the results of our trial were unanimously positive. We’re passing up all of the other knives in our kitchen in favor of the Chopper, which services all of our dicing, slicing and mincing needs.

The G-Fusion Chopper Chef Knife is a medium-size knife with a 4.5-inch-long blade. Made from “Crucible CPM S35VN” Super High Carbon Stainless Powder Steel, the blade is well balanced and slides through everything from tough tubers to marbled cuts of grass-fed beef.

New West KnifeWorks manages to combine artistic nuance with the attention to detail usually reserved for technical machines. The knives they produce are more than just kitchen utensils—they’re tools. Any dedicated home cook knows that a good knife can make the difference between a meal cooked with finesse and enjoyment and one that’s a struggle to get on the table. With Paleo in particular, where fresh food prepared at home is the key to greater health, a good knife is paramount to making such a lifestyle a success.

In addition, New West KnifeWorks is proud to offer 100 percent made-in-America products, and their commitment to domestic production encompasses the steel, the materials and the labor that make every knife superb.

The New West KnifeWorks G-Fusion Chopper Chef Knife retails for $169. For more information about New West KnifeWorks or for online ordering, visit NewWestKnifeWorks.com.