Although Nuts About Granola makes a variety of conventional, grain-based granolas, their line of Forager granolas aligns with the Paleo diet and philosophy. Grain-free crunchy cereal and satisfying snack, all in one? Check, check and check.

Nuts About Granola Forager granolas are organic, raw, grain- and gluten-free, vegan, Paleo friendly and fruit sweetened. The Forager line replaces conventional grain-based ingredients with nuts, seeds and spices, and is sweetened with fruit or a touch of Pennsylvania-local honey. Nuts About Granola Forager Mixes are available in three flavors: Original Nut & Seed, Banana Maple and Chocolate Cherry.

The Original Nut & Seed Forager is made with raw whole almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, organic raisins, flaxseed meal, local honey, almond flour, flaxseeds, non-GMO vanilla powder, organic cinnamon and sea salt.

The combination of raisins, honey and vanilla powder provide a classic granola flavor to this rustic blend, while the addition of flaxseed meal and almond flour has an interesting effect on the texture of the Original Nut & Seed Forager mix. The chopped nuts, dried fruit, tiny intact seeds and smattering of ground nut flours makes for an ever-changing sensory experience.

The Banana Maple Forager has sunflower seeds, walnuts, pure maple syrup, Mavuno Harvest Fair Trade organic dried bananas, flaxseed meal, organic cinnamon, pure maple extract and sea salt.

The dried bananas found in this granola aren’t your typical shellacked, chip-a-tooth variety—in contrast, these actually taste like real bananas. With a soft, chewy texture and a deep, earthy flavor, the dried bananas play well with the hint of maple syrup in this mix.

The Chocolate Cherry Forager contains sunflower seeds, almonds, dates, organic cocoa powder, flaxseed meal, organic cocoa nibs, organic cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, pure cherry extract and sea salt.

Despite the dessert-like name, this Chocolate Cherry granola is barely sweet. The flavor relies less on sugar and more on aroma, with the flowery cherry extract and dark cocoa mingling to suggest a rich Black Forest cake.

Nuts About Granola also sent Paleo Magazine a sample of their new, not-yet-released Apple Cinnamon Forager. With warm and fragrant spices like cinnamon and ginger, it’s reminiscent of an apple pastry. And with tender morsels of real dried apples, a bowlful of this mix packs as much fiber as it does flavor.

The Nuts About Granola Forager mixes strike a balance between taste and healthfulness, and unlike many Paleo granolas on the market, these mixes aren’t overly sweet. There is depth of flavor and texture to each granola, and rather than relying on boatloads of honey to hook a customer’s sweet tooth, the Nuts About Granola Forager granola is simple, natural and still flavorful.

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