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If you’re on the hunt for a knife that does double duty as a kitchen workhorse and a conversation piece, look no further than Behring Made.

Founded by James Behring in 2011, Behring Made creates custom pieces that are as useful as they are beautiful, melding utilitarian strength with unique textures and colors, and a truly artistic perspective. The founder apprenticed in Michigan, where he spent six years learning the art and craft of making handmade knives. For Behring, his holistic approach to knife design and craftsmanship overlaps with his personal passion for conservation and ecosystem management, whereby responsible, respectful hunting is a necessary part of making the world go ‘round.

Countless professionals and amateurs would agree. It’s rumored that Rachael Ray loves the Behring Made Trout & Bird Knife—a useful tool for deboning even the most delicate filet—and committed hunters all over the country turn to Behring Made’s custom knives for their excursions.

From BBQ sets to steak knives, technical knives, hunting knives, axes, straight blades and Bowie knives—you name it, they make it. Along with his team of craftsmen, Behring shapes knives one at a time in the Behring Made workshop in Missoula, Montana.

Behring Made sent a couple of their finest blades to the Paleo Magazine office, and the resounding opinion was that Behring Made knives and camp axes are, in the words of managing editor Bryan Azure, “badass.”

Other comments of high praise discussed the beauty of the Behring Made blades—not only do they hold up to actual work, but they are created with such incredible attention to detail that it’s almost impossible to resist the desire to display a Behring Made blade like an art piece. The samples we received were undeniably the best steak knives and the nicest, fanciest pack axes and hunting knives we’ve ever seen.

The final word on Behring Made is this: The blades are elegant, they are tough, and they could be the most timeless item you purchase this year. In need of a family heirloom? Behring Made has got your back.

For more information or for online ordering of custom pieces, visit BehringMade.com.