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Ancient practitioners of Ayurveda and Indian home cooks alike have long understood the power of ghee. This traditional cooking fat has been used for generations in everything from warming drinks and spiced curries to cure-alls for common ailments. Ranging in color from saffron to yellowed bronze, ghee is lactose- and casein-free clarified butter than has been boiled until the milk solids separate from the butterfat—but more than that, ghee is liquid gold.

Tin Star Foods Ghee is made from grass-fed Kerrygold butter from Ireland, itself sourced from pastured cream from cattle that graze almost exclusively on grass during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Founder Hima Pandya created Tin Star Foods Ghee as a marriage of her cultural upbringing and her newfound understanding of ancestral nutrition. She currently offers handcrafted Cultured Ghee and Cultured Brown Butter Ghee via One Stop Paleo Shop.

Tin Star Foods Ghee is of impeccable quality. The texture is smooth and creamy, and the flavor is warm and, for lack of a better term, buttery. Tin Star Foods Ghee is routinely tested for dairy content and allergen cross-contamination, and it has consistently returned with results that attest to its purity.

Tin Star Foods Cultured Ghee is slow-cooked over an open flame for several hours to gently remove the milk solids from the butter, leaving only delicious, versatile butterfat in its wake. Ghee is a multi-purpose cooking fat, and is perfect for flavoring dishes, baking, roasting or grilling. Ghee is remarkably useful for high-heat cooking, as its high smoke point and 485-degree heat threshold means your fried or roasted dishes won’t have any of the oxidative damage that other, less stable cooking fats may contribute.

Tin Star Foods Brown Butter Ghee has a cult following, and with good reason. The ghee is made using the same method as the plain Cultured Ghee, although with a little extra time over the flame to allow the milk solids to toast slightly. This imparts a caramelized flavor that is out of this world in baked goods, coffee and soups, and can dress up even the simplest pan of fried onions.

Whether used in your morning cup of Bulletproof or as your go-to, keep-a-jar-next-to-the-stove cooking fat, Tin Star Foods Ghee is a high-quality product with incomparable taste. It would be a great addition to any Paleo kitchen hoping to add health and flavor to every home-cooked dish.

For more information about Tin Star Foods Ghee, visit TinStarFoods.com.