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Review of Tava Life Ghee

Louise Hendon | October 27
REVIEW OF Tava life ghee

One of my good friends (who knows I love ghee) suggested I try Tava Life Ghee when I was visiting her in Los Angeles.

So, when I saw it sold on Thrive Market (an online market for all sorts of healthy foods at discount prices), I had to try it.

If you’re wondering what is ghee and why you should add ghee into your diet, read our article here.

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Unlike the Pure Indian Foods Ghee I typically buy, most of Tava Life’s ghees are flavored. They currently have 3 flavors (green chili, Himalayan salt, and vanilla bean).

I went for the vanilla bean flavored ghee.

REVIEW OF Tava life ghee vanilla bean

The vanilla flavor shines through amazingly well, making this ghee perfect for baking or spreading on Paleo bread (like this one) or Paleo muffins (like this one). It also works in coffee (see my recipe here).

Where to purchase Tava Life Ghee

You can purchase on their own website here or on Thrive Market along with some other delicious Paleo foods!

REVIEW OF Tava life ghee vanilla bean

Make Your Own Ghee

And if you would prefer to try your hand at making your own ghee, then check out my recipe for making ghee in the slow cooker or crockpot.
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