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Review of Urban Remedy Almond Brownie

Louise Hendon | May 11
review of urban remedy almond brownie

Urban Remedy supplies raw, ready-to-eat snacks, meals, and cold-pressed juices. They sell their foods online as well as in their own stores and other stores.

I picked up the Urban Remedy Almond brownie at San Fransisco airport a while back – it looked really interesting with pretty good ingredients and it also looked moist in the packaging.

Here are the ingredients for the Almond Brownie (it’s raw, vegan, and Paleo!): Almond Flour, Cacao, Water, Vanilla Extract, Coconut Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt, Almonds

How did it taste? It was pretty moist (the packaging kept it moist), and I liked the crunch from the almonds. However, the chocolate taste didn’t really come through, and I thought there was a bit too much salt in it.

But if you’re in need of a quick snack, then these aren’t too bad and they’re easy to take with you!

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