Even with rapidly growing evidence that factory farming and industrial agriculture is producing more harm than good, we continue to see the consolidation of food companies and farms and an effort to produce more in an ever shrinking space. While this can be incredibly frustrating to watch, it has (thankfully) caused a rise in the number of people who are becoming more connected to where their food comes from by developing relationships with, and learning more about, their local farmers and food producers. Even with this new found appreciation for local producers, our food system is complicated, often making it difficult to succinctly explain the dangers of factory farming practices.

In addition to working against issues such as fracking, the environment, pollution, and GMOs, Food & Water Watch provides information on factory farming and who is in control of our food and water. Their website provides visitors with an excellent, easy-to-read breakdown of the differences between sustainable farming practices and factory farming/industrial agriculture.

In addition to their Farm Vs Factory tool, visitors can also find more info on the impact large corporations and misguided public policy have on our ever-more-delicate food system. They also help explain the negative effects factory farms have on the environment and public health. The best part is, once you’re amply fired up about the way parts of our food system functions, they provide options for how you can become involved and help make things better.