Episode 35: Clifton Harski, Getting a Kettlebooty, and Paleo Bootcamp Week 3

By | May 9th, 2014|Paleo Radio|

In this episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we’re going to be talking with Clifton Harski. Clifton is one of the original MovNat coaches and has been around the ancestral health

Episode 34: Adam Farrah and The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link

By | April 30th, 2014|Paleo Radio|

In this week's episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we're talking with Adam Farrah. Adam’s a really cool dude who’s been writing for Paleo Magazine for a long time, and he’s

Episode 33: We Love Paleo!

By | April 26th, 2014|Paleo Radio|

On this episode of PMR, we talk with Caroleen Moise Reimann.  She is the Director of an upcoming feature documentary called, We Love Paleo, and because we love Paleo here