Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Oh My: Which Medicinal Mushroom Is Right For You?

By | January 7th, 2019|Articles, Featured Slider|

They're scattered across forest floors, peeking out from under fresh-cut lawns, and perched on tree-trunks like organic shelves. You might give them a lingering glance because of their beauty or

Curried Mushroom and Green Pepper Omelet

By | November 28th, 2018|Paleo Breakfast Recipes, Paleo Recipes|

This omelet is a simple breakfast, lunch, or light supper that combines the flavors of curry, veggies, and creamy coconut milk. Ingredients 3 tsp coconut oil, divided use 1/2 cup

A Landscape of Ash and Dust: Morel Hunting in Central Oregon

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I mistook it for a pinecone: the pale little mushroom half-buried in the bed of soil and pine needles. I reached for it anyway, just to confirm, and my fingers

Episode #155: Talking Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer Treatment with Four Sigmatic.

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Episode Sponsor INNOVATIVE FORMULAS based on research-proven ingredients and formulated with the latest nutritional science to ensure the optimal potency and combinations for absorption and effectiveness. Everyone’s talking about Four

Feral Feast: Puffballs and Samphire

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from the Aug/Sep 2016 issue of Paleo Magazine Get Your Kicks with Puffball Mushrooms I’ll bet you’ve seen puffball mushrooms before. As a kid, you probably gave a few of

Feral Feast: Chicken of the Woods & Yucca Flowers (not fries)

By | June 1st, 2016|Articles|

from the June/July 2016 issue of Paleo Magazine Chicken of the Woods I’d heard many times that the mushroom called “chicken of the woods” tasted like chicken. But “like” is a

Feral Feast: Morels & Thistles

By | April 1st, 2016|Articles|

from the Apr/May 2016 issue of Paleo Magazine Mighty Morels: The Finger-Puppet Fungi The mighty morel mushroom: sought after by chefs, professional mushroom hunters and novice fungus eaters. It’s the