Review: Tali-Os

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Talia Klein is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and the founder of Uncomplicated Foods, the venture that produces the delicious and delightful snacks called Tali-Os. Tali-O snacks

Review: Simply Stacked

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A Paleo pancake can often be a project, a labor of love of sorts. Weigh the flours, add the liquid and pray that your coconut flour doesn’t soak it all

Review: Pure7 Chocolate

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This is how the story begins: Two health-conscious moms were looking for a natural, honey-sweetened chocolate source for their kiddos. They wanted something that would actually offer all of the

Review: Primal Kitchen Mayo

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A common benchmark for Paleo products is how well they stack up against their conventional, grain- and gluten-full counterparts: “This cake tastes just like the one my mom used to

Review: Wonderfully Raw Products

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The Paleo and the vegan movements often intersect in the most interesting places—take, for instance, the inventive use of seasonal fruits and vegetables in both approaches. Whether spiralized, puréed or

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