Note about reviews: While we often receive product samples, we do not do so in exchange for reviews, nor do we accept payment for reviews. We review only those products we genuinely enjoy.

The Pure Wraps are one of our favorite products, period. We love the fact that they are made with three simple ingredients – coconut meat, coconut water and Himalayan salt. They are also corn-free, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free. With less than one gram of sugar per wrap, they are great for anyone following a Paleo, keto, or plant-based diet. Made in the US, they are currently available in two certified-organic flavors, original and curry.

Pure Wraps were a huge hit with all our testers – young and old.  Shelf stable for 12 months from the date they’re produced, they don’t need to be refrigerated and work amazingly well as a bread/tortilla replacement. As a matter of fact, we think they work better. While we enjoy a good lettuce wrap as good as the next guy, sometimes it’s nice to have something a bit more “substantial” to bite into and give that missed mouth feel. They are soft, incredibly pliable (no need to heat prior to rolling like some of their competitors) and with a hint of coconut flavor, they are absolutely delicious. And to top it all off, Pure Wraps are packaged in biodegradable and compostable non-GMO cellulose.