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Well Fed Cookbook Book Review

Louise Hendon | June 3
well fed cook book

Book Title:
Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat


Author: Melissa Joulwan

This is a delicious Paleo cookbook filled with amazing photos and flavors from across the world.

What makes the Well Fed cookbook special?

I love traveling and trying food from different cuisines, and Melissa’s book takes me to exotic places without even leaving my kitchen! There’s Chinese BBQ pork, El Minzah Orange Salad, Sri Lankan Curry Sauce, and more. You can travel the world with this book.

My favorite recipe from the Well Fed cookbook:

Chocolate Chili

Something Extra:

I love books that do something extra – beyond what you expect! And in Well Fed, this “something extra” is the annotations on the photos. There are all sorts of handy tips like using bottled lemon juice for making mayo as well as intimate facts e.g., Melissa’s first tattoo was inspired by Moroccan henna.

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

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